From vaccine hesitant to vaccine advocate: Amherst resident shares his COVID-19 vaccine journey

Mike LeBlanc and his daughter, Danielle who works at the Amherst Community Vaccine Clinic. (contributed)

Over the course of the global pandemic Amherst resident, Mike LeBlanc was hesitant to receive the COVID-19 vaccine since he felt he is in good health.

“I thought even if I did get COVID-19, it wouldn’t be bad,” said LeBlanc. 

LeBlanc was initially not planning on getting vaccinated against COVID-19 but after careful consideration he was vaccinated and now encourages others to do so as well. 

As the province’s vaccine rollout picked up steam, LeBlanc saw how safe and effective the vaccines are in keeping Nova Scotians healthy. 

Ultimately, LeBlanc decided to get vaccinated to protect himself, his 99-year-old mother, for whom he is a caregiver, and his youngest daughter who is at a higher risk if she were to contract COVID-19. 

Since receiving the vaccine, LeBlanc has seen people close to him diagnosed with COVID-19. 

“It’s hitting home,” he said. “This is real. My friends and relatives are getting COVID-19.”

LeBlanc’s advice to those who are on the fence about getting the COVID-19 vaccine is to watch the national news and see how the world is responding to the detrimental impacts of the virus. 

“If I can help convince two or three people to get vaccinated, I’ve done my part,” said LeBlanc. 

His daughter, Danielle, works at the Amherst Community Vaccine Clinic, and like her father, is also encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. 

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